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“Ageing Cruise Ships are less profitable for the major tourist cruise lines. ItsAfloat allows retiring of less profitable transitioning ships through our non-competitive innovate programs”

ItsAfloat runs a lean operation compared to the industry with very little debt and short term calculated exposure and only during transactions.
We also enjoy a stable set income per vessel that is secured and increasing annually for up to 30+ years.
PLUS vessel asset returns to ItsAfloat at end of its seagoing life for final re-purposing or sold for scrap providing more income for the company.

Our solutions:

– Maximise profit
– Create new markets
– Allow room for newer more efficient ships
– Minimise downtime
– Lessen refurbishment costs
– Do not compete with existing owners
– Can begin 5 years in advance

Typical Consumer Demographic

– Husband and Wife
– Own residential home outright
– Plus at least one investment property
– Net worth of US$1m+
– At least US$500k in their 401K or similar instrument
– Have cruised at least 1-2 times
– Cruised in the last 2 years
– Aged between 50-65
– Well traveled and educated
– White collar career type people

Potential Market

This graphic shows with just the ships that are suitable by our select criteria how big the potential market can be with just the smallest of the market share of these older transitioning and coming off charter ships.

Potential Market graphic

Vessel Lifecycle

This graphic shows just how the current lifecycle goes for vessels and how ItsAfloat with the support of its industry partners repurposes these vessels into a new life and a new market space. Not to mention the environmental savings by doing this.

Vessel Life Cycle


The graphic shows the little competition in this space and what they are offering, we are targeting a new area of the market, one that to date is not being serviced globally.

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