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ItsAfloat allows transitioning of less profitable ships through our non-competitive innovate programs beginning up to 5 years in advance of the active service within your company, we introduce a transition model tailored to your business model and profit margin allowing for clean exits of your asset base when needed. This assists keeping both shareholders and your CFO happy.


  • Can plan vessels future 5+ years in advance
  • Positive publicity in creating new markets
  • Provided with new options for existing vessels
  • Makes room for new larger ships as requested by passengers
  • Increased vessels efficiency
  • Minimise downtime & layovers
  • Lessened refurbishment costs
  • Maximises resale value of retiring vessels
  • Reduces competition by new cruise companies
  • Option to maintain vessel on owners balance sheets
  • Reduces environmental strain without expensive retrofits

Vessel Lifecycle

You can see from this graphic that our strategy can extend the lifecycle of a vessel. Options to complete this can be discussed on a case by case basis to suit the vessel owner requirements.

Vessel Life Cycle

Potential Market

Out of all the vessels available, the graphic below shows the calculations of just the ones deemed as suitable, by this we mean fits our select criteria and standards.

Potential Market graphic

Our Team


Ship Owners

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